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 Abortions Pills in Pretoria 

Abortion pills in Pretoria   0845898063

At abortion pills Pretoria we use Pregnancy abortion pills  to safely terminate a pregnancy without the need for surgery. Any woman (irrespective of age) can get a legal abortion pills in Pretoria for any unwanted pregnancy

At abortion pills Pretoria we offer Our one day pregnancy termination service its a non surgical abortion in. We deliver pregnancy termination pills in South Africa & the rest of Southern Africa.

Order pregnancy termination abortion pills Pretoria at +27 845898063 OR

Abortion pills in  Sunnyside Pretoria

How pregnancy termination pills work?

 Pregnancy termination pills in Pretoria  cause the uterus to contract resulting in the termination of the pregnancy.

 It takes a few hours for the pregnancy to be terminated using pregnancy termination pills in Pretoria

Mifepristone /Mifeplex

Use of 1st Pill The first pill, mifepristone, blocks a hormone necessary for a pregnancy to grow

About Most people feel fine after taking this first pill. Some will have nausea, and fewer will experience bleeding.

After Mifeplex, you can proceed with normal activities until you take the 2nd medication


Use of 2nd Pill The second pill, misoprostol, stimulates your uterus to cramp and bleed so that the pregnancy will leave your body (similar to a miscarriage) About You will take pills under the tongue as prescribed by the doctor once you get home


After 2nd set of pills The abortion begins within 1-6 hours after step 2

About You will experience bleeding and cramping that can last 6-8 hours. You should plan to rest for at least 24 hour 

Pregnancy termination in Pretoria  0845898063

Our pregnancy termination pills are effective 98% of the time. After taking the pregnancy termination pills you may experience slight nausea, hot flashes, running stomach dizziness &heavy bleeding which is normal during an abortion process 

Legal Pregnancy Termination Services 0845898063

Abortion or Pregnancy Termination is legal in South Africa. You do not need the permission of a parent or partner to terminate your pregnancy. Only you can make the decision to end or continue your pregnancy. No one else can decide what’s best for you, but a trusted friend, family member, doctor, nurse, or counsellor can discuss all the options open to you and help you sort it out.

If you are pregnant and not sure about your options we offer non-judgmental and compassionate information and support about abortion, adoption, and parenting.

If you decide to terminate your pregnancy, the Dr Justice Abortions Clinic is the best place to be for pregnancy termination in South Africa

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