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Quotes I decided to terminate my pregnancy. I was 5 weeks and 3 days and I decided to use the abortion pills. I followed the directions given. I took the first doses of 4 pills on a Saturday at 2 pm, then one more at 6 pm and the last one at 10 pm. ?after the first dosage I had light cramps and later I had a clear discharge and small clots (I also had some fever and diarrhea). I felt the same through the night, but on Sunday, at 3 pm I felt the expulsion of something different?.after that I had a brown and red discharge. On Monday, at 8 pm I started bleeding, a similar bleeding to my period. I had expulsion of clots, like thin membranes. Finally, on Tuesday at 7 pm I felt a strong cramp and when I went to the toilet I realized it was more clots. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks later. The medical doctor told me my uterus was clean?.the bleeding lasted 5 days in total. Quotes
I was very satisfied

Quotes thank you for helping me with my termination Quotes
thank you

Quotes We found Dr. Justice via his website and we were delighted when he responded quickly to our e-mail, and solved a tricky problem. Not only is he knowledgeable and skillful, he was great to work with in all ways. Dr. Justice listened to our problem and didn?t give up till we got rid of the unwanted Pregnancy, We?ll definitely refer our friends to you! Quotes
Noleen - Gemisteen
Satified Patient

Quotes I really appreciate the help you offered to me after post couriering the medication to me you responded to my whatsapp text until all the whole process was done. Am slowly getting back to my normal self. Quotes
Thank you very much

Quotes Thank you doctor Justice for not giving up on me after the first set of pills you sent did not work on me,i thank you for explaining what was happening to me and even though i had to pay for the send set of pills you sent to me i understood why. After getting that the stronger dose all went well and am feeling great thank you Quotes
Great thanks

Quotes I don't even know what to say, this made things so much eaiser! Quotes
I don't even know wh

Quotes I would like to thank you Justice for living up to your word i recieved my pills here in Namibia Safe and sound at my door step. I had been dooped by some People who claimed to deliver the pills. Am sorry i had not trusted you before.But thank you for your honesty and also for making up a follow up with me vai whatsapp.Every thing is okay now.And i promise to be more care full Doctor. I will refer my friends to you as well Quotes
Safe and at my door